Healthy Hair with Taylor 

Vitamin c infused elixir that purifies, removes impurities ( chlorine and minerals from our harsh california water) and detoxifies the hair.
( $55 as an add-on service)

Replenished treatment is customizable for every client and their hair type. 
for example: Replenished Scalp therapy, Replenished for brighter blondes, Replenished for surfers and swimmers 

Replenished treatment with a deep conditioning olaplex treatment that repairs broken bonds and intensely hydrates thirsty hair.
​($55 as an add-on service)

All treatments include a scalp massage, therapeutic steam treatment and blowout.


After graduating from Paul Mitchell the school in 2015, I apprenticed alongside San Diego’s leading healthy hair expert as well as San Diego’s top hair extension specialist. I received hands on training to learn the best way to achieve long, beautiful and healthy hair.
My mission is to help reverse chemical and heat damage, resolve breakage and to help my clients grow long, healthy hair while still being able to achieve the color they desire. I like to take a natural approach when coloring hair. Maintaining hairs length and integrity is crucial. During the healthy hair wellness transition, I encourage my clients to use hair extensions as a way to thicken, lengthen and protect hair throughout this journey and transformation. I’ve formulated customized hair treatments to help my clients get the healthiest hair they’ve ever had as well as repair and replenish dehydrated hair. With regular T.L.C and healthy hair treatments my clients can achieve the color, length and quality of hair they’ve always wanted without the damage!